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Myths About House Cleaning Companies You Shouldn’t Believe

So, you’ve discovered us here at Green Maids again, and you’ve probably been searching for the simplest way to find the best and safest house cleaning companies near me in doing so. You may even be wondering what things you should be looking for in the house cleaning services that work best in your home. Keeping your home clean and organized so you can live life happy while finding everything you need can feel like a completely impossible task many days! If you’re ready to have some cleaning and organizing relief around your home, look no further than Green Maids! We understand how busy your life is and how little time that leaves for things like house cleaning from top to bottom. Between work, chores, and kid’s time, you want to find a house cleaning company that delivers comprehensive services that are built to simplify your life and leave you worry-free.

Want to know something? You’re not alone. This very same struggle is real with people all over the country. So many of us are attempting to live our daily lives while staying ahead of the messy home that seems to pile up day after day. When it comes to home cleaning services, you want to find someone that takes your family’s wants and needs in mind while delivering a superior level of cleanliness and care with every room they touch. You may also have been talking to your friends or even co-workers about cleaning companies to consider and heard some common myths that may make you second-guess hiring a home cleaning services company in the first place.

That’s all okay by us. Because today, we’re going to help dispel the top 10 myths about house cleaning companies that you shouldn’t believe. Without further delay, let’s get right to our list!

We don’t steal your stuff!

So many customers we talk to fear that our cleaning specialists are going to come into their homes and rob them blind. It’s a legitimate fear, and once we understand it, it has happened to people in the past. But the thing to keep in mind when it comes to professional home cleaning services is that word right there—professional. Our crews are working professionals who have families of their own to support and homes to care for, so the last thing they’re going to do is jeopardize a stable income to steal your belongings and valuables.

our professional cleaning specialists are all licensed, bonded, and insured, and every one of our staff undergoes a comprehensive background check before they are hired.

People will think you’re lazy.

Paying someone to clean your home professionally isn’t you being lazy. It’s you understanding that by hiring a crew of professionals to do what they do best simply gives you more time with your family. Instead of spending countless hours cleaning your home and taking care of household tasks, you’re using your hard-earned money to have cleaning professionals clean and give you more free time to do the things you love.

A cleaning crew will invade my privacy.

Many people can’t get over the idea of letting strangers inside their homes because they’re afraid that professional cleaners will take time away from doing the job they’re hired to do to snoop through their personal belongings.

Always remember that when you hire a professional cleaning crew, you’re choosing to have professionals in your home who are only focused on doing their job as comprehensively and efficiently as possible.

If you do have things you need to protect or keep private, you do have the ability to let our cleaning crew know that certain rooms are off-limits, and we’ll honor your request every time.

Professional Home cleaning services cost way too much!

This one is one of the most common myths about home cleaning companies. But the truth of the matter is that Professional Home cleaning services works closely with every client to create a customized cleaning plan built around your budget.

If you also consider the amount of time you would have to spend cleaning your home and what that is worth, the savings can be incredible. Your time is the most valuable commodity you have, so why waste it on cleaning your home when the cleaning pros at Green Maids can!

I could get in trouble for hiring illegal immigrants.

This one is incredibly false. First, it’s not true that most cleaning crews are staffed primarily by illegal immigrants. Especially when it comes to professional cleaning companies. Our cleaning pros come from all walks of life and are thoroughly screened before being hired. Our screening process includes a verification of an individual’s eligibility to work in the United States. In addition, we pay all of our staff on the books and pay taxes to the government on behalf of every employee.

They don’t understand how I want my home cleaned.

This is inaccurate, primarily when you work with a professional home cleaning services company. Our staff doesn’t just get hired to clean your home sight unseen. We walk through your home with you to find out how you want the house cleaned, what are the ways you prefer certain things done, and more so that we’re able to effectively and efficiently clean your home the way you like. After all, it’s your home, not ours.

Professional cleaners will try to cut corners to get more money in less time.

This may be accurate with some freelance cleaning services because they are a one-person job, but not with us. All of our cleaning specialists are extensively trained and utilize the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to clean your home from top to bottom thoroughly. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to have the customized solutions to clean your home the way it deserves. We don’t cut corners. We ensure that we leave every one of them in your home spotless!

They only use unsafe products to clean.

Many professional cleaning companies stay on top of the latest and most environmentally safe cleaning products available so that your home is cleaned safely. Rather than pouring bleach on everything and hoping for the best while leaving toxic fumes in your home, cleaning companies like us here we ensure that your home and indoor air quality are chemical and toxin-free. We utilize the most advanced and safest cleaning products we can find to ensure the job is done right every time without leaving your home reeking of chemicals.

Only ‘rich’ people hire cleaning companies.

we have a diverse array of customers from all financial levels who take advantage of our comprehensive cleaning services. But, as we’ve said above, your time is precious, so why would we build our services for only the wealthy? Every service we offer is custom-built to fit your needs and your budget. This way, you don’t have to be ‘rich’ to have a spotless home every time you come inside.

I’ll be locked into a contract that I can’t get out of.

Professional home cleaning companies aren’t like your mobile phone company. You don’t sign a two-year cleaning agreement that charges you astronomical fees if you want to cancel early. Especially not with Green Maids.

We work with you to create a fully personalized cleaning plan when you sign up for our services, which can be canceled anytime. You can choose to have our professional cleaning specialists come in once a week, once a month, or a couple of times a year. Or even call us to schedule a cleaning appointment for a big event or gathering you’re holding at your home. Whatever your need, our home cleaning pros are ready to tackle any job.

There are no contracts to commit to services. While we offer cleaning packages for you to buy, there are no hidden fees or charges with Green Maids revolutionary and comprehensive cleaning services. 

When it comes to cleaning your home, don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you need for your home. And don’t always believe the things you hear about professional cleaning companies. Hiring a home cleaning company allows you to have more time to focus on the people and things you love while still having a deep-cleaned home to come back to. What’s better than that?

all of our cleaning specialists undergo a comprehensive background check and hiring process that ensure they’re extensively trained to never cut corners and clean your home the way you want. 

Finding the right house cleaning companies near me doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process after all. And especially not one that’s filled with fear about myths of things that simply aren’t accurate. Understanding exactly how to find the best one for your home is far easier when you’re not afraid they’re going to steal stuff or do an ineffective and disappointing job. 

Our tips are designed to make your journey to a spotless home easy, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy time with your family. Do the research and understand everything you can about professional cleaning services so you can be well on your way to finding the right and best cleaning company for your home today!

If you’re looking for a cleaning company that provides exceptional service and comprehensive cleaning you can count on, call our Green Maids team today for more information!