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About Us

The Company

At Green Maids & Co. we believe in creating better homes, lives and a better planet and we understand that nothing is more important than you health, your family. Our founder, Damon Cleveland, has a daughter that was diagnosed with cancer. So he created Green Maids & Co to deliver a chemical free cleaning experience to customers that at affordable prices. Four year later, Green Maids & Co. has built in an incredible service that has continues to impress and retain customers. Our guarantee: Our team of trained professionals will clean your home using eco-friend solutions. If you choose, you can elect for “Green & Organic” cleaning which ensures your homes us only USDA organic cleaning solutions.


Our Goal: We are well positioned to help NY and NJ household continue to reduce their carbon footpint by 2025 through the use of chemical-free cleaning products and services.

To dramatically decrease the carbon footprint of all U.S. households by 2025 through the use of chemical-free cleaning products and services.

Our Team

We are family-owned and -operated and we are able to service any size project (residential or commercial). We employ and train the very cleaning professionals who are committed to building a cleaner, healthier planet. Moreover, we are dedicated to delivering the best housekeeping service, because we know how important it is to have a healthy home. Learn more about our team:

Team Members: Our maids and cleaning professionals are carefully vetted, trained and certified, every year to give you the very best service. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, our professional housekeeping crew is committed to creating a healthier world, one home at a time.

Area Managers: Ensure our customer get the “myclean” results you expect and deserve. We employ Area Managers to oversee the quality of all cleaning projects. When you hire Green Maids & Co., you expect industry-leading services at reasonable rates and that exactly what you get.

Our Products & Suppies

The Green Maids & Co., always use green and eco-friendly products to clean. We regularly review and update any cleaning products that don’t align with our core beliefs. From micro-fiber cloths, to our all purpose cleaners, we strive to find the best cleaning products and solutions because our customers deserve the best cleaning service available.

We are Committed

We are committed to excellence. We are committed to sustainability. We are committed to wellness and health. But most of all we are committed to the human carbon footprint wherever possible. Indeed, we are committed to creating a better tomorrow, today.